Why Una Vita

Why Us

Una Vita has been exclusively dedicated to the health of women and children for over two decades. The Una Vita team comprises seasoned health system leaders and physicians all with decades of experience and expertise. Our engagements result in positive ROI through growth in market share, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and reduces costs.

Currently, we are deeply focused on addressing the escalating problem of severe maternal morbidity and death in U.S. hospitals. The work we do with U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems results in a creation of sustainable cultures for perinatal safety that exceed all national standards.

We assure our clients that through virtual interviews and the thorough assessment and analysis of data we will create a nationally-recognized culture of perinatal excellence and a safer birthplace for women.

Una Vita’s experienced team of national experts of physicians and healthcare professionals has decades of combined experience in designing Women’s, Neonatal, and Pediatric programs of excellence for hospitals and health systems. We are distinguished from others not only by the excellence of our work in planning and change management but also by our unique interactive approach and readiness to assist in implementing the programs and changes we recommend.

Our Founders


President & Senior Principal, Una Vita

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Senior Principal, Una Vita

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