Why Una Vita

Why Us

Una Vita has been exclusively dedicated to the health of women and children for over two decades. The Una Vita team comprises seasoned health system leaders and physicians all with decades of experience and expertise. Our engagements result in positive ROI through growth in market share, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and reduced costs.

Currently, we are deeply focused on addressing the escalating problem of severe maternal morbidity and death in U.S. hospitals. The work we do with U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems results in a creation of sustainable cultures for perinatal safety that exceed all national standards.

We assure our clients that through in-depth, personal interviews and the thorough assessment and analysis of data we will create a nationally-recognized culture of perinatal excellence and a safer birthplace for women.

Una Vita’s experienced team of national experts of physicians and healthcare professionals has decades of combined experience in designing Women’s, Neonatal, and Pediatric programs of excellence for hospitals and health systems. We are distinguished from others not only by the excellence of our work in planning and change management but also by our unique interactive approach and readiness to assist in implementing the programs and changes we recommend.

The Una Vita Story

Una Vita, a specialty consulting and advisory firm focused on women’s health, has its roots in the successful creation of a woman’s hospital in a rapidly growing area of Albuquerque, NM. The co-founders of Una Vita were tasked with designing a patient-driven facility that used evidence-based management techniques to transform operational efficiency, quality outcomes, patient satisfaction, employee engagement, and financial performance.

The success of this challenging project was grounded in the co-founders’ shared belief that the unfortunate standing of women’s health in the U.S. could be improved and transformed with the intervention and guidance of their decades of diverse experience and expertise. Diana Bruno’s background is as a recognized leader in women’s health operations and program development. Joe Calvaruso is a former health system CEO who introduced lean six sigma to healthcare. Both also bring training and experience as Baldrige National Quality Award examiners.

Una Vita has never wavered from its aim to assemble a team composed exclusively of the most seasoned leaders, nurses, and physicians in the field of women’s health. From the outset, Una Vita distinguished itself not only for its specialized focus, but also for the unparalleled depth of its team’s expertise. Enlisting only those professionals with decades of experience and proven leadership reflects Una Vita’s commitment to excellence and depth.

The firm’s rigorous advisor selection criteria ensures that every member of its consulting team brings a wealth of practical knowledge and a track record of significant contributions to the field. This approach has allowed Una Vita to provide clients with matchless expertise, drawing from years of frontline and executive experience to deliver solutions that are both innovative and deeply rooted in industry best practices. Its dedication to this level of experience and specialization is the cornerstone of this unique firm, ensuring that every client engagement benefits from a profound depth of insight and strategic acumen.

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