Una Vita Perinatal Database™

Una Vita, Inc. and Cedaron Medical, Inc. have joined forces in an innovative partnership resulting in a significant leap forward in perinatal healthcare. Combining Una Vita’s deep understanding of women’s healthcare with Cedaron’s leading-edge data analytics, the Una Vita/Cedaron Perinatal Database (PDB) aims to transform the quality and efficacy of maternal care.

The PDB empowers hospitals and birthing facilities to evaluate their performance metrics against industry standards to identify areas for improvement in quality of care, operational effectiveness, and financial health. Supported by a customized data analysis and guide for effective implementation, the PDB is set to turn data into actionable insights that will ultimately save lives and reduce risk. PDB users will also have the option to engage in the Una Vita Perinatal Gap Analysis™ that combines detailed data analyses with expert advisory and recommendation services to achieve quality outcomes.

Una Vita, a specialty advisory firm dedicated to women’s and children’s healthcare, brings to the collaboration more than two decades of experience and expertise through its seasoned team of health-system leaders and national perinatal-safety experts and advisors.

Cedaron, renowned for its robust data solutions since the 1990s, and entrusted with powering over 50 outcomes registries, brings its technical prowess to the collaboration.
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