Who We Are

“The real voyage of discovery is not about seeing new landscapes but having fresh eyes.”


Una Vita brings together more than four decades of inspirational direction that professionals in the hospital and health systems industry have used successfully. Through their combined expertise, the two senior principals of the company, Diana Domenica Bruno and Joseph T. Calvaruso (Joe), continue to solve complicated organizational problems for people who face the challenges of healthcare.

As the CEO of a large healthcare system, Joe was the first to successfully introduce Lean Six Sigma practices into healthcare just over twelve years ago. With focus and rigor, customer value grows exponentially. Leading-edge thinking and new ideas reduce errors and eliminate waste.

Diana has been a pioneer in advising and building best practices in healthcare for over twenty  years. Her approach to provider functioning has brought fresh insights to her clients. Her work has yielded smart recommendations for clients that lead to innovative, efficient, caring, and effective interactions in the delivery of care.

Together, Joe and Diana offer full-service advisory services, combining their proven talents in healthcare as change agents will all type of hospital system. While recognizing that each organization is unique. Along with their associated team of advisors, Diana and Joe will work with you to uncover a thorough understanding of your organization’s functions and dysfunctions, sharing strategic direction, creating embraceable visions, and delivering sustainable and measurable results.