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Una Vita, Inc.

Welcome to the Future of Women's & Children's Healthcare.

About Us

Why Choose Us

 Clients choose Una Vita, Inc. because we bring unrivaled experience, matchless expertise, proven methodology, and a well-established reputation. We select a limited number of clients each year so that we are able to work with each client closely and comprehensively. Our sole commitment is to Women’s and Children’s healthcare consulting.

How We Can Help You

 Una Vita, Inc. can assist clients with all aspects of  Women’s  & Pediatric healthcare program development.  

 We recommends a thoughtful and explicit approach to building market share. Market efforts should send a message that will differentiate your Women's and Pediatric Programs.

Experience the Difference

 Una Vita, Inc. gains insights into the parts of the patient experience that resonate, prioritizing the development process and focusing on key elements that make a difference to the patient experience, fulfillment and retention.


Full Service Women's, Children's & Neonatal Advisors

Among many and varied projects Una Vita's expertise includes:

  • Comprehensive women’s and children’s freestanding as well as hospital-within- a-hospital models
  • Women’s and children’s evidence-based facility design
  • Feasibility, planning, and development  studies for obstetrics, women’s health, NICU, and pediatrics for single hospitals and multi-hospital systems 
  • Family–centered maternity care assessments, education, and implementation
  • Contemporary NICU and pediatric design and development
  • Full-service women’s health and midlife health programs
  • Lean Six Sigma performance improvement
  • Program deployment and operations
  • Perinatal SafetySpecialized gender-specific product assessments and development such as women’s heart, continence, bone, headache,and sports medicine programs
  • Breast Center facilities, clinical, technology, and operations program development 
  • Women’s Medical Spas that integrate complementary and allopathic services along with a strong business model 
  • Women’s healthcare management and women’s health navigator intensives    

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To schedule a conference call, please send us a message at diana@una-vita.com or give us a call during our business hours. 

Diana Domenica Bruno

President & Senior Partner 

Una Vita, Inc.

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