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 Clients choose Una Vita, Inc. because we bring unrivaled experience, matchless expertise, proven methodology, and a well-established reputation. We select a limited number of clients each year so that we are able to work with each client closely and comprehensively. Our sole commitment is to Women’s and Children’s healthcare consulting.

How Can We Help You

 Una Vita, Inc. can assist clients with all aspects of  Women’s  & Pediatric healthcare program development.  

 We recommend a thoughtful and explicit approach to building market share. Market efforts should send a message that will markedly differentiate your Women's & Pediatric Programs from the rest.

Experience the Difference

 Una Vita, Inc. gains insight into the aspects of patient experience that resonate. We prioritize the development process, focusing on key elements that make a positive distinct and measurable difference in patient experience, fulfillment, and retention.


Full Service Women's, Children's & Neonatal Advisors

  • Perinatal Culture & Safety UnaVitaPGA™
  • Comprehensive women’s and children’s freestanding as well as hospital-within- a-hospital models
  • Women’s and children’s evidence-based facility design
  • Feasibility, planning, and development  studies for obstetrics, women’s health, NICU, and pediatrics for single hospitals and multi-hospital systems 
  • Family–centered maternity care assessments, education, and implementation
  • Contemporary NICU and pediatric design and development
  • Full-service women’s health and midlife health programs
  • Lean Six Sigma performance improvement
  • Program deployment and operations
  • Specialized gender-specific product assessments and development such as women’s heart, continence, bone, headache,and sports medicine programs
  • Breast Center facilities, clinical, technology, and operations program development 
  • Women’s Medical Spas that integrate complementary and allopathic services along with a strong business model 
  • Women’s healthcare management and women’s health navigator intensives    

Perinatal Gap Analysis Perinatal Culture:UnaVitaPGA™

Una Vita utilizes proven, successful and innovative methodologies and processes to develop a contemporary, comprehensive, evidence-based culture of perinatal and neonatal safety, and steps to achieve hardwired practices and procedures now and into the future

A comparison of the hospital's current profile for the continuum of perinatal/neonatal safety to best-practice perinatal/neonatal safety benchmarks and practices will be conducted through review of data  interviews with medical staff, nurse-midwives, registered nurses and leadership in order to identify possible program issues, practices, and clinical operations that impact the ultimate safe delivery of obstetrical and neonatal clinical outcomes. This review will examine the present continuum, including the following: 

  • Culture, Teamwork and Communication
  • Current trended quality and outcomes data
  • Delivery models, practices, and patient-care systems
  • Staff support and educational/training needs
  • Review of policies, procedures and deployment including :
  • Triage assessment
  • Routine drills
  • Orientation content and organization
  • Clinical competencies
  • Management of shoulder dystocia 
  • Perinatal codes, criteria and responses
  • Neonatal Resuscitation: NRP-Golden Hour
  • Oxytocin and Prostaglandin use
  • Operative vaginal delivery, cesarean birth, VBAC 
  • Hemorrhage
  • Interpretation and documentation of electronic fetal monitoring
  • Physical environment and equipment
  • Equipment for safe movement of bariatric patients
  • Space and equipment logistics
  • Maternal and neonatal emergency resuscitation 
  • Leadership structure
  • Interdisciplinary communications
  • Clinical coverage 
  • SBAR reports, huddles, shift-to-shift exchange of information
  • Obstetrical and neonatal quality review 
  • Nursing and medical chain of command
  • Peer review
  • Debriefings

Una Vita will follow this evaluation of safety, evidence-based practices, and consistency with standards of professional best-practice in the report findings, including recommendations and a roadmap of steps.


Executive Team

Diana Domenica Bruno, MS

Diana is a national leader in healthcare and one of the country’s most qualified and innovative Perinatal & Neonatal advisors. 

She believes that creating a Sustainable Culture of Safety is the primary and overarching reason that clients choose Una Vita.

In addition to Diana’s role as an international advisor, her expertise includes select healthcare leadership roles. She has provided executive leadership to large university-based maternity, women’s and pediatric programs as well as substantial community-based offerings.

A pioneer in the application of Lean methodologies, and evaluation of the customer experience, she is also a prolific healthcare writer and featured conference speaker. Diana has published over two dozen healthcare articles, professional columns, and book chapters. Her groundbreaking outlook on healthcare has served to shape industry trends. Diana holds a Master’s degree in Administration of Healthcare Systems from Georgetown University. She has completed the Juran Institute Six Sigma and Lean training, is a state Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Examiner, and an affiliate of the Center for Health Design. 

Michael R. Gomez, MD, MS

Michael is a board certified clinical neonatologist and pediatrician known for his work and writings in the area of bioethics as well as for his results-oriented strengths in healthcare quality consulting and change management. 

Since joining the Una Vita team in 2010 as a Senior Perinatal and Neonatal Advisor, Dr. Gomez has contributed expert oversight and direction in obstetrical and neonatal provider requirements, and evaluation of physician engagement utilizing evidence-based behavioral practices for optimal maternal, neonatal and pediatric healthcare. His work with Una Vita has facilitated clients to transition to higher quality standards of care and new models of clinical environments, such as single room neonatal intensive care units.

A 1986 graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Dr. Gomez brings more than 30 years of clinical and administrative experience to developing and leading continuum of care initiatives that provide outstanding access, throughput and quality of care that now meet the rigorous new Quality Payment Program (QPP) standards proposed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

As former Physician Executive for the University of New Mexico Health System Clinics he served as Co-Chair of the Leadership Development Institute and Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Project (Lobo Quality Improvement Process-LQIP) and, utilizing Mission: Excellence Studer® process improvement coaching, has made measurable strides in improving the clinical practice environment, including physician/provider/staff engagement and alignment.

Dr. Gomez’s many other professional accomplishments resulting in improved clinical outcomes and patient safety and satisfaction include the transformation of a large ward-based NICU to a pod-based NICU at Ardent-Hillcrest in Tulsa, OK, and the conversion of a large ward-based NICU to a single-patient room NICU in a new Saint Francis Health System Children’s Hospital in Tulsa, OK. Also within the Tulsa Saint Francis Health System, he revitalized the NICU transport team to ground and rotary-wing platforms with multiple transport capabilities, and changed the model of care from MD/NP to RN/RT.

In 2013 Dr. Gomez earned the distinction of board certification in healthcare management as a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE)

Joseph T. Calvaruso, MBA

Joe is a management consultant specializing in strategic, operational, and cultural transformation. Joe has nearly 40 years of health system leadership and consulting experience in creating organizations that operate effectively and inspire patients, physicians, employees, and other stakeholders. As a co-founder of Una Vita, he has experience with leading systems in the area of perinatal strategic, operational, and process safety engagements.

Joe spent over 20 years at Mount Carmel Health System in Columbus, OH, where he served as CEO of the 4-hospital system for 8 years. Before being named CEO, Joe held positions of SVP Corporate Development, founder and President of the employed medical group, and President of the health plan. As CEO, Mr. Calvaruso was acknowledged for bringing Lean Six Sigma into health care which realized a $70M financial benefit over a 5-year period, and for creating an inspirational culture that cut employee turnover in half, doubled employee satisfaction, and was recognized as one of ten International Spirit at Work Award winners in the world in 2005.

Mr. Calvaruso also served as Performance Acceleration Officer at Presbyterian Healthcare Services in Albuquerque, NM, where he led the process excellence cultural transformation resulting in improved clinical outcomes, patient safety, satisfaction, efficiency, and financial benefit. In that role, he also served as leader of the design of a $220+ million hospital campus that featured a separate Women’s Hospital and incorporated several evidence-based and Lean design concepts. At Presbyterian, the Vice Presidents for Information Services, Leadership Development/Learning Center and Baldrige also reported to Joe.

Joe began his career in healthcare planning and spent four years serving a variety of health care clients as a consultant for Peat Marwick in St. Louis, MO.

Mr. Calvaruso was selected and served as a National Examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award program

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