Una Vita, Inc.’s Perinatal Gap Analysis (PGA™) delivers pioneering approach to solve soaring rates of preventable maternal mortality and severe morbidity in the U.S.

Industry-leading women’s and infant healthcare advisory firm, Una Vita, Inc., announces the launch of a sustainable solution to the growing problem of preventable maternal mortality and severe morbidity in U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems. Una Vita’s Perinatal Gap Analysis (PGA™) is a proprietary online platform that employs the country’s leading medical experts to perform a comprehensive perinatal gap evaluation and provide a customized roadmap for improvement.

The U.S. is the only developed country with rising mortality and severe morbidity rates in its maternity care systems. The World Health Organization estimates that pregnancy complications cost the U.S. healthcare system an estimated $80 billion annually. The liability environment for maternity care is volatile, and hospitals are paying record awards in lawsuits involving preventable maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity. Further, the CDC suggests that 60% of all maternal deaths in the U.S. are fully preventable. The data testifies to the necessity of decisive safety improvement measures across the continuum of perinatal healthcare in the U.S.

Una Vita has been exclusively dedicated to the health of women and children for over two decades, designing nationally-recognized programs of excellence for Women’s, Neonatal and Pediatric services in hospitals and health care systems. “Our proudest engagements have been working with organizations committed to Zero Harm, to create a culture that makes patients and workers safer,” said Diana Domenica Bruno, Co-Founder, President and Senior Principal, Una Vita“Being part of the solution to creating a culture of perinatal safety for women is for us a calling.”

With deep concern for the current, alarming trends in Perinatal Safety, Una Vita has developed the Perinatal Gap Analysis (PGA™) – an original approach to identify gaps in perinatal care at clients’ facilities and to create sustainable cultures for perinatal safety that satisfy all key national standards. In accordance with today’s safety and health requirements in the workplace and beyond, the Una Vita PGA™ is conducted through a virtual platform that brings the best national Perinatal Safety medical experts and advisors together to guide hospitals and healthcare systems to establish evidence-based plans for reversing the course of what has become a national crisis.

The Perinatal Gap Analysis is a collaborative process emphasizing communication and teamwork between Una Vita and client, organized around three core principles: leveraging national experts, cultivating a culture of safety, and ensuring birth equity.

The entirely virtual approach eliminates the need for travel and schedule negotiations and allows Una Vita to match clients’ needs for optimized perinatal performance with the best, most experienced leaders, physicians and national experts.

With in-depth examination of clients’ information, processes and data against national standards for excellence in Perinatal Safety, and through extensive client interviews via HIPPA-compliant Zoom video conferencing, Una Vita performs a thorough assessment of the delivery of perinatal care at client facilities.

Recognizing the nation’s increasingly diverse communities and the significant maternal healthcare disparities that occur within them, Una Vita’s PGA™ engagements focus on identifying and resolving inequities in perinatal care that derive from gaps in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Based on the findings and conclusions of the PGA™, Una Vita presents a customized, strategic work plan and next steps for systematic transformation and impactful improvement in Perinatal Safety at client institutions including program elements, deployment, operations, and staff engagement.

What distinguishes Una Vita, Inc. is the boutique nature of its firm and its work. Una Vita selects only a limited number of clients each year in order to work with each client closely, comprehensively, and with a decided emphasis on communication and teamwork. All elements of Una Vita’s signature course of action converge in the Perinatal Gap Analysis with the goal of Creating a Safer Birthplace for Women.

Diana Domenica Bruno
[email protected]