The Team

Una Vita utilizes a diverse team on projects in order to bring a variety of talent and experience to bear. The team is differentiated by the excellence of its clinical and design staff coupled with the fact that we stand ready to assist clients in implementing the programming and changes we recommend. All proposed teams  reflects qualified, innovative, and valued individuals in the healthcare industry. Each member of the advisory team is a seasoned professional, contributing years of proven experience in advising, simulation, planning, and operations. As a cohesive team, we will focus on best practices, clinical innovations, and future-oriented programs and services.

Diana Domenica Bruno, Senior Principal—Diana is a national leader in healthcare and is one of the country’s most qualified and innovative advisors. She is a leading advocate of family-centered and woman-centered care and is a principal author with Celeste Phillips of the widely referenced “Principles of Family-Centered Care and” “Principles of Woman-Centered Care.”

With her colleagues at the University of Virginia, she established one of the first full-service clinical programs designed for women aged 40 to 65. Self-magazine dubbed the program one of the “ten best” in the country, and Ladies Home Journal spent months with the physicians and staff compiling a 30-page Women’s Health Report. The program provides a comprehensive lineup of services, including primary healthcare, hormone replacement therapy, preventive cardiology, pain management, benign breast disease, osteoporosis, psychology, psychiatry, GYN urology, and gastroenterology, as well as education and support services.

Diana is a pioneer in the application of Lean methodologies to the built environment, creation of rapid prototype models, and evaluation of customer experience. She is also a prolific healthcare writer and featured conference speaker. She has published over two-dozen healthcare articles, professional columns, and book chapters. As a member of the Ireland Report and the Mammography Regulation and Reimbursement Report editorial board, her groundbreaking outlook on healthcare serves to shape industry trends.

Diana holds a master’s degree in administration of healthcare systems from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. She has completed the Juran Institute Six Sigma and Lean training, and is an affiliate of the Center for Health Design.

Joseph T. Calvaruso, Senior Principal—Joe has nearly 30 years of health system leadership and advisory experience. He is nationally recognized for bringing Lean Six Sigma to healthcare. As a CEO of a three-hospital system, his early transference of Lean Six Sigma into the healthcare environment realized a $70 million financial benefit, and created an inspirational culture that cut employee turnover in half, doubled employee satisfaction to the 84th percentile nationally, and was recognized as one of ten International Spirit at Work Award winners in the world in 2005.

He most recently served as Performance Acceleration Officer at a large not-for-profit healthcare system in the Southwest. In that role, he also served as leader of the design of a $220+ million Greenfield hospital campus that incorporated evidence-based and Lean design concepts.